Friday, October 12th, 2012...6:34 pm

A Change is Gonna Come

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There is a 2.5kg slab of Spanish Duroc belly that has been rubbed down with a dry cure of maple syrup, brown sugar, salt, sage, thyme and a crapload of black peppercorns, and vacuum packed, sitting in my fridge. After the last…4 (?) years of talking about it, I’ve finally gotten down to it. Fingers crossed that making bacon is as easy as they say and that it all turns out. In 6 days, I’ll be taking it out and slowly roasting it before I finally get to try my first slice, and I AM SO SO STOKED.:D

In the meantime, lemme go see if I can chicharrone the shit out of that skin I took off the belly, BRB.

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