Saturday, July 18th, 2009...11:01 pm

Welcome to the Jungle

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Where, apparently, your right hind leg should reach for the sky when you’re attacking a lens cap. In other words, HELLO OUR TWO NEW BABY KITTENSES! Tobias is the rather obscene one, and Seth his slightly scrawnier brother. (Their self-appointed godmother decided on the names, for those who are curious as to the outcome of my straw poll.)

Oh, and no, Mr Jealous & Possessive (aka Rufus) is not handling the newcomers’ arrival particularly well. But not too badly either, I’m sure he’ll get over it in a couple of days. (Also, he’s still the only one allowed in our bed/to shove our heads off our pillows with his rather generously sized rear end, so that should count for something?)

Stay tuned for more pictures. Oh, and I’ll be moving house soon – exciting times ahoy!


  • eeee. so cute. i want come see.

  • Yoga kitteh!

  • pei: come see!

    Michelle: HA more like obscene kitteh.

    hope rufus the xdd cat will become quick friends with these two :)
    where are you moving to??

  • lyd: SO CUTE RIGHT? :D

    Rufus seems to be doing pretty okay with them – he plays quite well with them, and isn’t too jealous as long as he still gets to cuddle up with us in bed at night (which he does). We’re moving just a couple minutes from the current place – the area we’re in is great, but we wanted a bigger place + a balcony + our landlord is also a bit… um. yeah. ha.