Thursday, January 15th, 2009...2:37 pm

Dear Rufus

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I know it’s no fun having to take meds. I know you think I’m torturing you when I wrap you up in a towel (so you can’t claw me – even though you still manage to), and when I stick a pill or squirt the antibiotics into your mouth. I also know that even more than all that you really hate being held down while I drop eyedrops or squirt meds into your eyes and ears. I know you really hate the eyedrops especially. They must sting, and I’m sorry that I have to do that.

But you see, Rufus, I love you. You’re such a cute bundle of joy (when it’s not medicine time), and you’re so warm and friendly with the way you can never wait for me to sit down in the beanbag before you pounce onto my lap and start crawling up onto your favourite perch (my shoulder) to nestle in closely to my neck and purr yourself to sleep while I watch TV. And I hate to see you sick. Which is really why I’m forcing all these awful tasting things into you – ‘cos I want you to get better. So you can grow up into a big strong cat and live many long years with me and bunny.

It’s strange how much I’ve come to love you in the 10 short days that you’ve been with us. I wonder what took me so long, but then again I’m glad I waited else I might not have picked you out. You with your creamy fur which ends in chocolate brown ears, nose, tail and paws. You with your expressive startling blue eyes. You with all your purring and love, you who stole my heart.

I love you baby rabbit. I hope you get well soon.


PS: I know you hate the collar but I happen to think you look unbelievably adorable in it. Even when you give me the angry-at-the-whole-world-that’s-out-to-get-you glare. :)