Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009...5:15 pm

Updates, and More Kitty Pictures

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The picture is really a Jedi mind-trick to distract you from the gross lack of content here. Anyhoo, I’m heading to Taipei this Friday for a weekend jaunt with J, and I’m pretty excited about it ‘cos I’ve never been there before! And there’s going to be so much food! I foresee 48 hours of eating ahead so perhaps this spell of tonsillitis I’m down with now was just a preemptive strike against the face-stuffing that’s to come. Either way, I will do my best to take pretty photos of all the delicious things we eat so look out for those hopefully sometime next week.


  • i wouldn’t even mind if your blog is half with photos of rufus. =)))))))

  • Macau, one weekend; Taipei the next – what is this, around the world in 40 weekends?

  • you will love the food in taipei, and your kitty is ready to be catnapped.

  • you really have one of the cutest kitties I’ve ever seen…gush!

  • Alexandra: thanks :) he is very cute, so long as he’s not chewing on my fingers or pouncing on my face at 6.30am!!!

    sp: I’m really looking forward to it! my friend lived there for a few years so hopefully she’ll know all the good local places to feast!

    Luke: Macau was actually in Dec – I just FINALLY got round to posting those photos hehe. Weekend trips are fun anyway – quick enough so you don’t need to plan too far in advance but still let you get out of town for a while! :D

    Hamie: hehe good ‘cos I forsee many more of these non-posts……

  • ok, am linking u liao! WOOHOO!!

  • are you back yet? could you post more pictures of Rufus? pleaseeee..?

  • Ooof! He’s cuter every picture! Esp with his tongue out and eyes open. Sigh okay I concede defeat.

  • 16: i’m trying to psych myself up to look at my taipei pics!!! but i’m sure there’ll be more of Rufus shortly.

    hui: HAHA I WIN. but he’s insanely cute its unfair cos i get angry with him when he’s naughty and then he just looks at me and blinks those big blue eyes and that’s that.

  • That could be the most adorable kitten EVER!


  • Julie: I definitely think so ;)

    Michelle: WAUGH.