Thursday, April 19th, 2012...2:06 pm

Steak Pie Doodle Redux

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So. I know I’ve posted this recipe for Steak & Guinness Pie before. But that was a while – slightly over two years! – ago. (Whoa, has it only been two and a half years since this bastion of deliciousness made its way into my home, stomach and heart?) So I figured it wouldn’t hurt to repost it, and nag all of you who haven’t yet made it into finally doing so!

Last week, I also downloaded Paper by 53 which is an incredible sketchpad app. Actually, to call it a ‘sketchpad app’ seems a bit dimunitive, since the whole point of making it fairly minimalist (it’s meant to feel like you, anywhere between 1-5 simple, intuitive tools, and a piece of paper) is that you’re only limited by your imagination. So after making this pie for D’s belated birthday dinner last night, I was nursing my food baby in front of the TV and sent a doodle of the ingredients list to Vick, who then commanded me to sketch the rest of the recipe steps out and post them here.

I don’t know if this will be the first and last post in my new Doodles category, since it took me about 45 minutes to sketch all this out (and then my hand was super sore from colouring), but this was pretty fun. :) Also, I figure I’ve probably left out some ingredients and less important steps, so for the detailed version, please refer to the original post.


  • This looks amazing!! So pretty!

  • :D Thank you! <3

  • Wow!! Really nice :) Doodle more..

  • I happened to be in the mood today for making a beef and Guinness stew and went looking for your recipe. I was very amused to see it reposted.
    Thanks for the very cute recipe. It was very easy for me to follow in the kitchen.
    The stew is cooking in my oven right now and the smell is divine.

  • Alec: hahaha that’s awesome, and I’m glad it was helpful! I’ve been sitting on a couple more doodles that…..I will get down to posting…..soon……ish. Hope the stew turned out well, in any case. :)