Tuesday, June 5th, 2007...5:43 pm

That One!

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So I was talking to a friend of mine online about marriage, and, in particular, how arranged marriages still do take place today. (Forgive her, she’s a bit ignorant.) Anyway, after she got over that, she started thinking about how cool it would be if it worked like that for women – if we could just walk into a club and go, “Hmm….. *points* I’ll take that one.” Haha. Goodbye fear-of-rejection forevahh.

Anyway, in my personal arranged-marriage-fantasy, obviously I get to do the picking. I think it would work best if I were invisible (so no danger of being picked), and could just trundle along tapping hot women on the shoulder, collecting a veritable harem for myself.

(PS: Bunny, don’t take me seriously. Weez loves you. Only you! kthxbai.)


  • have i told u of my totally inappropriate, extremely politically incorrect lesbian muslim harem idea?

  • Terrible. Just terrlble. Your fantasy sucks ‘cos you have to be invisible. As I said, I think it works better if you could just have the lights go on in a club once you walk in, have all of ’em lined up ready for inspection, while you tick off numbers one by one while walking by, with your assistant faithfully jotting down identities behind you.

    Forget I said assistant. I meant Eunuch-in-Waiting.

  • whitey: Eh you said yoursiaof that my fantasy was good lor. Anyway, later your fantasy goes deathly wrong and the girls awaiting inspection DONT fall to their knees slobbering to be picked then how? Hah. Then you die.

    ballsy: DO TELL!

  • Duh, it’s a fantasy for a reason, no?


  • YES that’s all very good IN THEORY but knowing us something’s gonna go wrong. Actually, knowing you….

  • *narrows eyes*

    You’re just jealous of the white sheep. You got sheep-envy.

  • dude, i don’t do sheep. *snicker. I GOTZ DA BUNNY.

  • That’s true. Us sheep don’t hold a candle to Snoop Bunny Bunn.

  • *beams with pride. B to the U to the double N!

  • the poor guy has no say in the matter at all?

    he’d give a beretta a blowjob.

  • eh?

  • see, if all lesbians were muslims, then they could take four wives, who could then all take four wives each, and those four wives could take four wives each too. and on and on.

    there u have it, a veritable, politically-incorrect, terribly inappropriate fantasy.


  • oh WOW. hahahahahahha. I am speechless. I am humbled.

  • I bow before your wisdom and wonder where you’ve been all my life. Unfortunately, my fantasy only works in that I get to enjoy its bounty. It is not for sharing.

  • So siaofeeees. Share-share a bit lah.