Monday, September 20th, 2010...7:17 pm

Ego Fluffing

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I’m probably the least disciplined updater of any website (sort-of-food blog or otherwise) – best illustrated by how pretty much every other post starts off with an apology on my absence and infrequent posts.

Somehow though, w&d managed to catch the eye of the Culinary Arts College blog, and I’ve had the completely undeserved honour of making their list of 50 Amazing Food & Travel Blogs. What’s even more flattering is the company I keep on that list (notable sites I personally adore and read religiously like The Traveler’s Lunchbox, Serious Eats, Chubby Hubby, Cafe Fernando, and Delicious Days (alongside many others). And it was indeed a delicious surprise when Cindy emailed to let me know that they had so kindly selected w&d for inclusion on this list.

So thank you, Cindy, and to the other 3 of you who continue to read this space in spite of how terribly I neglect you all. If you could see me you’d know I’m walking with my chest puffed out a little more and a silly grin on my face, looking altogether quite ridiculous. :) I really appreciate it!

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  • babe! congrats and totally deserved! :) you know the “ego fluffing” title and “chest puffing out and silly grin on face” comments are so given away by the “filed under nonsense” ending to your post!

    kudos! you are AWESOME-NESS!

    now.. when shall we get together to celebrate your awesomeness? ;)