Tuesday, October 14th, 2008...5:41 pm

Gone Fishing

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Sorry for the lack of updates, I’m in a bit of a mood lately. Also, I’m working on some recipes, but half the time spent in the kitchen is spent cursing at the lack of space in general and how much I hate Toaster (I named my oven – he’s not actually a toaster oven but he behaves like an oversized one now and then so he deserves it).

Anyway, since there’s nothing on the food front to report on, I figured I’d leave you guys with a photo taken last week in Koh Samui. (When I say “you guys”, I’m really referring to the 5 imaginary people who still read this blog, considering how often I’ve done these disappearing things.) Hope you like it.


  • Hopefully you will find your muse soon! Till then lovely shots like this on your Flickr stream will tide us over :)

  • I bet there are people still reading this space.

    ROLL CALL!!!

  • k: thanks for the vote of confidence but i have this sickening feeling that there’ll be thunderous silence now. hahahha.

  • (tap tap tap)

    I think they’re just shy.

  • this is getting embarrassing, but it’s okay i’ll mask my embarrassment with our dialogue and then convince myself it was the dialogue that made the other 3 imaginary people feel excluded and hence why they didn’t comment :P

  • i like this picture :D now if i can only learn how to use a camera properly (read: not in automode) maybe i can try to take some good pics too!

  • j: i was wondering who you were at first and why my blog was suddenly attracting one-letter-named commenters. haha. anyway thanks. :) and yah you should try using your G7 not-on-auto! good training for when you guys finally get a camera haha

  • Glad to see you back :)

  • awwwww ….

  • I’m still reading. Come back soon!

  • i still check on this page…on a daily basis okay


  • gorgeous photo!! any advice on bread baking or any recipes for me to try?

  • haha thanks everyone :) anyway i’m working on a couple of (kitchen) projects right now so hopefully i’ll have something to show for it soon!

    Alexandra: i love baking bread, and it’s actually really, really simple! one of the things i love about it is that bread has this tendency to be a little temperamental, not in that it won’t work or anything, but that there’ll always be slight nuances and differences you can discern due to any number of variables (oven, flour, water, yeast, flavourings, humidity, etc). if you’ve never made bread before, i’d suggest starting with jamie oliver’s basic bread recipe, cos it’s easy and it’s got a number of different variations you can use it for. find a brand of flour that you like and stick with it, as different brands tend to have different protein contents which can affect the outcome of your bread, so it’s best to stay with what you’re comfortable with. also, one indispensable tool in my bread-baking arsenal is not a bread machine (whcih takes all the fun out of it), but a pizza stone, especially for loaves you don’t bake in a tin. preheat your oven with the stone inside to get it really nice and hot, then slide the loaf (on a piece of parchment to make cleanup easier) straight onto the loaf when you’re ready to bake. have fun!