Thursday, July 5th, 2007...11:15 pm

ice ice baby!

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The latest addition to the kitchen is going to be an ICE CREAM MAKER. I know, everyone, sing with joy! This officially means that everyone can please stop buying me ice cream whenever you guys come over to visit – we really appreciate it but now have about a week to finish all the stuff in the freezer (I’ve got 8 tubs at last count, only 2 bought by bunny or i) before the new toy comes in! Watch this space for more ways to get fat, and umm.. if anyone wants to help me clear out the freezer, buzz me! If I’m not wrong, these are the flavours we’ve got:

  • Haagen Dazs – Vanilla
  • Haagen Dazs – Green Tea
  • Haagen Dazs – Coffee
  • Haagen Dazs – Strawberry
  • The Daily Scoop – Lychee Martini
  • The Daily Scoop – Earl Grey Tea
  • Ben & Jerry’s – Chocolate Fudge something
  • Ben & Jerry’s – Chubby Hubby

I’m pretty free next week, so going to devote my time to finishing it all off (I really only like Vanilla, Coffee and Strawberry, ‘cos I’m very boring that way), and then I’ll be researching ice-cream recipes. I think I owe it to myself (and bunny) to find THE perfect Vanilla ice cream recipe (I’ll probably start in the vicinity of my favourite, tried-and-tested custard recipe), then the next one I’m really looking forward to will be a Masala Chai variation. After that – in the spirit of tea – I plan to crack the secret behind delicious matcha ice cream (and probably will bribe eyes with some of it in exchange for some of her delicious redbean paste thingiebob, then I would really, really love to a spicy chocolate one, much like those Mayan blends with cayenne pepper and what not, which is where hot chocolate really came from anyway. Maybe this way I’ll finally be able to create something chocolate that my dear anti-chocolate girlfriend will like. :)


Edit: w00t!! I don’t care if I’m just a lowly sheep following what seems to be a trend (I’ve wanted my own ice cream maker for at least 7 years now, so shall use poverty and age as my excuses for being so late to the game), I’m pretty pleased at this article about home made ice cream in today! -beam


  • Wow, I’ve never understood the import of an icecream stash. I finish my pints almost immediately. This is inspiring! Also, your future plans involving matcha and spicy chocolate icecream promise to be extremely kick. See me eagerly anticipate updates!

  • well, the problem is really that i’m very boring when it comes to store-bought ice cream flavours (with the exception of horlicks from island creamery and coconut from daily scoop), and bunny doesn’t like chocolate. in any form. so all the chocolate-laced flavours are immediately my responsibility, when all i really want is another tub of vanilla. :P

    anyhoo, when are you going back to school? we should have lunch one day

  • Mmmmm green tea….
    Mmmmm Lychee Martini….
    Mmmmmm Earl Grey Tea……
    Mmmmmmm coffee……

  • haha! come over and help finish. then can pass me chiffon recipe then i can do masala chai chiffon cake to go with the masala chai ice cream!

  • Yay! I still think my greedy colleagues are the ones who will be most pleased with this news.

  • did you check if the freezer in the office can be used? if not i cannot give you to distribute at the soup kitchen.

  • Ok will check now. Even if it can be used, I still have to get it past the grumpy and scary cleaning auntie in the mornings. (shudder)

  • uncle will help eat ice cream … also we must try to make tiramisu ice cream

  • yes uncle come help eat ice cream. we can make whichever flavours, as long as you help to eat.

  • omg. i also waant.

  • biaory: you want to help finish the existing cupcakes or you want when i make? haha. anyway, i have pecan cupcake/muffins!

  • hey sweets, did you get my SMS? also, was wondering where we can buy the red bean paste thingiebob you took a photograph of!! been looking high and low to no avail :(

  • hello, yes i did! sorry was playing wii so didn’t reply hurhur. and i don’t know actually, cos i took this photo in a restaurant. i think you can find it in meidi-ya? will check with another friend and let you know :)

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